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Gladiator can provide you with a number of ancillary products in addition to your van insurance policy. These are offered to allow you to create a complete package that will cover you and your property for most eventualities.

Excess Protection

Excess Protection Insurance covers the reimbursement of the excess you have paid when you have been involved in a claim.

Excess Protection will cover your policy excess to the level of cover you choose - which are, up to 250, up to 500 or up to 1000.

How much does it cost?

There are three levels of protection available whatever your needs:

Cover Level Premium
250 Excess Cover 34.99
500 Excess Cover 39.99
1000 Excess Cover 49.99

What do I get for my money?

  • Both your compulsory and voluntary excesses would be covered
  • Unlimited claims up to your yearly cover level
  • Cover for fault and 50/50 claims

Are there any restrictions?

  • Cost of claim must exceed your policy excess
  • You must pay your excess first but then claim it back on this policy, as long as you haven't used up your annual limit
  • Claims must be made within 31 days of your van claim being settled
  • Does not cover glass claims

How do I claim?

Just call 0344 571 2723 within 31 days of settlement of your claim by your motor Insurer.

How do I purchase Excess Protection?

You can buy online with your insurance or you can call us up to 14 days after taking out a Gladiator policy. Call us on 0333 220 2095 for more information.

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