There are many different types of commercial vehicles on the road. When you are looking to buy one there are many considerations you will need to make. Your choice could have a huge bearing on how much you have to pay for your van insurance.

Before you make the decision to buy, consider the following:

Is the van the right size for my needs? A larger van may mean that you can potentially carry more things, but generally the larger the van, the larger the van insurance quote.

Do I need a specialist type of vehicle? Your work may require you to carry frozen food or transport large loads of sand or aggregate. If this is the case, then probably a standard van would not be the right choice for you. Use the guide that follows to try and make the correct choice, but remember that the more specialist the vehicle, the more specialist the van insurance policy you may need to cover it.

Once you have decided on the type of vehicle, your next consideration should be what make and model are you going to go for? The majority of car manufacturers in the UK also make commercial vehicles. Most of these vehicles can be grouped together by size and as a result you will find that van insurance quotes for similar size vehicles will generally be the same regardless of manufacturer.

All information on these pages verified 01 August 2011.

Select a Van Type or Manufacturer:

Car Derived Van Insurance

The technical description is a van based on the chassis and running gear of a car, or to put it in simpler terms a van that is manufactured to the same size and using many of the same components as a car. These are the smallest Commercial Vehicles and as a result could provide you with the cheapest van insurance quotes.

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