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Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people find van insurance confusing. There can be a bewildering amount of terms and conditions to adhere to and bundles of paperwork for the customer to read.

We have put together a guide that tries to explain some of the most common terms used in van insurance for you.


What is NCB?

NCB or NCD is No Claims Bonus/discount. This bonus is awarded when a full year of insurance is completed without any claims. It can only be earned by the policyholder.

What is protected NCB?

Protecting your NCB can be done with Gladiator when you achieve your 5th year of discount. This ensures if you are involved in a fault claim your bonus cannot be reduced by the insurance company.

What is acceptable as proof of NCB?

A renewal notice from your previous insurer or broker on headed paper confirming your bonus in years is ideal. The document must state the full name of the policyholder and showing the policy expiry date, we only accept bonus dated within the last 2 years. Please note we cannot accept NCB earned outside of the UK or earned on Traders, Taxi, Motorcycle, Motor Home or Cherished/Classic car policies.

Why do you need my NCB & drivers licence details?

NCB: If you have advised the insurance company of bonus they will request proof of this to be sent from your previous insurance company in order to validate your discount.

Licence details: Some insurers will request to see this information. This enables the insurer to check any endorsements on the licence have been declared, insurers perform checks like this to help make sure your policy is valid and to prevent fraud. Even though convictions on the licence can be removed after 3 years Gladiators panel of insurers will ask for any convictions within the last 5 years to be declared as some do rate on older/multiple convictions.

How do I provide my NCB and licence details?

Details on how to provide the requested documents can be found here

You can now upload your documents to us by registering online at

Post: Able Insurance Services ltd, Ty Admiral, David Street, Cardiff, CF10 2AA

Please include your client reference number, vehicle registration number or postcode in the on the document so we can locate your policy easily.

What do I do if I can’t supply my NCB proof?

  • Contact your previous insurer to request they send your proof of bonus as soon as possible.
  • Contact our Customer Service department on 0333 220 2095 to advise of any potential delays in you sending your documents to us

What documents are acceptable forms of identification?

Occasionally our panel of insurers may request documents from you for validation purposes. They will request proof that you are a resident of the address you have disclosed; acceptable documents include a recent utility bill in your name or a bank statement.

Do I need my certificate of motor insurance to tax my vehicle?

No, as of December 16th 2013 proof of insurance is no longer needed to tax vehicles online or through post offices which should make the taxing process much simpler.

What documents should I receive from Gladiator?

  • Certificate of Motor Insurance – this is proof you are insured by a valid insurance company and should be kept safe in case you need to present it to your employers, the police etc.
  • Policy Schedule – of equal importance to the Certificate of Motor Insurance, this document should be read carefully as it confirms all the details of your policy and cover. Also included are our terms of business, which again need to be read thoroughly.
  • Addressed envelope – this is a prepaid envelope for you to return any requested documentation to us. Do not worry that the address for us may differ from your other document; we have a large sorting office separate to us who help process our post quickly and efficiently.


What happens if my Direct Debit payment doesn’t clear?

In the event a payment doesn’t clear we will provide you with a period of 7 days to pay your instalment online or over the phone via our Customer Service department. If the payment isn’t made within 7 days you will be given a further 14 days to contact us on 0333 220 2095 to discuss your payment options but you will be unable to pay online.

Can I pay my policy in full?

Yes, policies can be paid in full at inception and if you pay by Direct Debit you can call us to pay your balance in full at any point during your insurance term, your interest rates will be recalculated accordingly.

What if my Direct Debit details change?

Just call our Customer Service department a minimum of 7 days before your instalment is due and they will be able to reset your account under the new details.

Can I pay using someone else’s card?

Yes, however we need verbal consent from the card holder before we debit anything from their card. Please ensure the card holder is available when calling to pay.

How long will my refund take to process?

We aim to refund any money due within a maximum of 10 working days. The refund process will begin within 24 hours of the refund becoming available, however depending on your bank this may take an average of 3-5 working days to clear into your account. We will always refund the card used to pay the original deposit.

Policy Changes

How do I change my contact details?

It is vital we are able to contact you be phone or email in the unlikely event there is any issue with your policy. You should aim to provide us with a mobile, landline and email address to ensure we have every chance of reaching you quickly. To do so please contact our Customer Service department on 0333 220 2095 and we will update your information.

What changes do I need to make Gladiator aware of?

Any change which may affect your insurance premium will need to be completed through our Customer Service department. We can make changes with immediate effect or a specific time and date in the future that you request. You will be charged a standard administration fee of £25 for these changes. If the underwriters of your policy rate the change as a higher risk you will have to pay an additional premium. A change which lowers the policy risk will mean a refund is taken off your instalments or provided back to your account.


I have cancelled my Direct Debit instruction - will this cancel my policy?

No. In order to cancel your policy you must call our Customer Service department who will cancel your policy with immediate effect or return your Certificate of Motor Insurance with a signed letter requesting to cancel. Your policy will not be cancelled until these steps are taken and you will be charged for your days on cover up until the point of cancellation.

What are your cancellation fees?

To cancel within the first 14 days you will be charged a fee of £25.
Cancellations outside of the first 14 days will be charged at £50.
You will also be charged for your time on risk and Ancillaries are non refundable after the first 14 days


Will my policy automatically renew?

Not always, to make things easy for you we would look to automatically renew your policy 14 days prior to your renewal date if you pay via Direct Debit or 7 days before if you pay in full. It is your responsibility to ensure funds are available in order to complete this process. You can request to remove automatic renewal at any point during your policy term.

Why would Gladiator automatically renew their policies?

Motor insurance is a legal requirement and this method of renewal protects our customers. It ensures there is no accidental break in cover, if for any reason the customer is unaware of when their insurance runs out. This method is common throughout the insurance industry with the majority of insurance companies offering this method of renewal.
We wish to protect our customers from receiving a fine from the DVLA under Continuous Insurance Enforcement. There must be a record on the Motor Insurance Database showing they have insured their vehicle or declared it as ‘off road’ (SORN). By automatically renewing our policies we hope to prevent our customers from receiving such fines accidentally. As a responsible provider, we would not wish to leave our customers liable to prosecution under the Road Traffic Act.

What happens if my policy automatically renews and I am covered elsewhere?

If you can provide us with proof of your alternative insurance we can pass this to the policy underwriters. It is their decision whether or not to refund any money paid.

Policy Upgrades

Does my policy cover me to drive other vehicles on a Third party basis?

No, unlike some comprehensive car policies driving other vehicles is not permitted on commercial vehicle policies. This is the same across our insurance panel and it is unavailable as an upgrade.

Can I tow a trailer?

Towing a trailer is acceptable with our insurance panel however the trailer is only covered on a third party basis which means it is not covered in the event of an accident/theft etc.

Claims and Convictions

What claims do Gladiator need to be aware of?

Gladiator will need to know of any incidents, accidents or claims within the last 5 years in any vehicle you may have driven. This is regardless of fault and whether you have claimed or not. Any named drivers on the policy will also have to disclose the same information. Insurers regularly check claim databases and not disclosing claims can lead to an increase in premium or the cancellation of your policy.

What is the difference between a fault and a non fault claim?

A fault claim occurs when your insurance company has to pay out for damages to your vehicle or a third party vehicle/property. A non fault claim is where a third party insurer has paid out for damage to your vehicle. Always check whether your claim has been closed off or not when declaring to insurance companies as claims that are still open go as a fault against both parties until liability is settled. Claims settled “50:50” also go as fault against both parties.

Will a non fault claim affect my premium?

Statistics show that those involved in non fault incidents are likely to be involved in fault incidents in the future; it is possible your premium at renewal will increase as a result.

If I claim for a windscreen will this affect my no claims bonus?

In most cases windscreen claims will not affect your NCB, However not all policies cover you for windscreen repair. You can check if you are covered by referring to your policy booklet or schedule of insurance.

How do I go about making a claim?

See our claims page for full details.

What convictions do I need to disclose?

We need to be made aware of any motoring offences within the last 5 years resulting in a fixed penalty, endorsement, conviction, disqualification or any pending prosecutions.

Failure to advise us of any claims or convictions can lead to your insurer refusing to pay out should you try and claim on your insurance. Any misrepresented details may lead to additional premiums being charged and/or the cancellation of your policy. If you have paid your policy in full, we will automatically debit any additional premium from your existing payment details. If you pay by Direct Debit, we will automatically spread any additional premium over your remaining instalments.

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